"I have never been motivated to exercise. Every time I tried, I failed. Failed to stay consistent, failed to achieve results. Truthfully never enjoyed working out."

I decided to join Harjit Chana Fitness, try my luck of getting help from a professional trainer and see if it would work.   I've always been out of shape, slightly weighty with more body fat and no muscle when I'd take my shirt off.  So I really wanted to change the way I feel about myself. 

James had a tough start during the first 2 weeks, firstly getting motivated to show up, and secondly the training.  

"Just a few weeks in I was actually enjoying training, it was different to what I expected, maybe because I was doing it all wrong".



"I was surprised I kept the consistency with training, showing up every workout, and actually making the changes recommended by Harjit.  I started to enjoy training very much, and didn't want to miss a session." 

Before all this, James was a frustrated gym member, not having the motivation to exercise. After finishing his work day, he just could not feel motivated to make it to the gym. Like most his tried and failed to make results, which hindered his motivation and lead to stop reaching his goal.

James came to me purely on motivation. And not only that, it was more important to learn what he was doing wrong and what to really eat for success.  He was truly impressed with his results, after all he only trained twice per week, plus a single guided workout via online app. 

He felt more stronger, more muscular than ever, and better more confident in himself.  He was not one to train extremely hard, I simply helped him train smarter with proper form, technique, effective planning, and importantly balancing out his diet. 

Would You Like To Start Making Better Healthier Decisions And Be In Better Shape


What are your barriers, that you struggle to achieve your fitness goal.  Feel free to share your goals and see if personal training could be the answer to fixing your problem. 


Above James went from personal training to joining the app. My online coaching plan, 'FAT LOSS AND MUSCLE TONE'.  He finally had some knowledge and experience to work out on his own. No longer intimidated to workout in a gym environment on his own.  

All this change in just a short 12 weeks, he continues to receive his new personal plans every month, tracks his diet to stay accountable. 100% digital via mobile app.

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