Personal Training

Single sessions: £42 (hourly)

Minimum 6 sessions per booking.

  • 12 weeks block - £38.00 per session - two or more weekly
  • Add 30mins assisted stretching to your session for only £12
  • 1hr 30min sessions: £50
  • 1 hour assisted injury prevention therapy: includes PNF stretching, mobility routine, muscle tension release: £45

Fitness Execution Plan

In-person sessions and daily coaching: £235 p/m

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Free visit, phone or video consultation - (takes 30 mins)

Pair Training

Single session: £50

12 sessions block booking required.

Online Nutrition Coaching 

Includes: direct access to trainer via app (IOS and Android), diet tracking tools, full breakdown of calorie expenditure and macros required to reach your goal. 

Support and recommendations for dietary choices, two weeks dietary analysis (one for first week, second, fortnight). . 

Service - £120 per month

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Personal Training

One-to-one Personal Training - Offers you the best way to improve your health, physically and mentally. Programs will be tailored to your capabilities and guidance will be provided throughout the course of your personal training. The most effective exercises, nutritional advice and behavioral techniques will be discussed to help you along the way.

Pair work - Share the experience together and split the cost of sessions for a personal trainer. Pair training is a great way of improving productivity and can increase your motivation along with a trainer.

Why choose personal training?

If you’re interested in benefiting or gaining: 

  • Motivation 
  • Learning how to mix training variables
  • Learning effective exercises that provide greatest muscular benefit
  • Understanding what your diet should include/ exclude
  • Learn how to perform exercises with good form
  • Require an advanced training plan
  • Getting results faster
  • Understanding the principles of training

Nutritional Coaching

A consultation call will be arranged to discuss and analyse your dietary habits. This will consist of noting down what you eat and when you eat, next, further conducting an analysis on your lifestyle to see what your day to day activities involve, and make room for changes where most suitable, either for exercise, healthy eating and daily activities.  You will be sent away with a food diary to fill in for a weekly diet intake, and then have sent back to your trainer. Next review which follows the following week. Here we will implement changes, removing high calorific, fatty foods etc. and suggest healthier options. Making small changes at a time to help you adopt a healthier eating/ lifestyle pattern. At the end of each month we re-evaluate and continue to make small changes where necessary.

Is it for you?

Is the Nutritional coaching plan for you, if you are interested in benefiting from:

  • Improving your dietary habits
  • Maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • Understand foods and its nutritional content
  • Knowing what foods will best suit your daily requirements
  • Planning ahead
  • Getting the best results out of exercise and your fitness
  • Maintaining and shifting weight
  • Getting and staying lean 

*You do not need to be overweight or under-weight to adopt a healthy eating plan. You may simply be interested in starting a healthier lifestyle and would like to increase your knowledge on nutrition.



As your fitness coach additional support will be available. Please get intouch if you have any questions by email, text or phone.


Please contact me to discuss any other requirement you may have and we may be able to arrange a custom plan to fill your needs.

Private Gym (clients only)