Felt Like He Built More Than Just Muscle





The intention was to physically change, but this was more than that. Instead of just seeing the physical transforming he felt a more greater mental change, his confidence, reaching an entire new level.


When we started he spoke of his career and was somewhat frustrated in his position and not yet ready to speak up with confidence, just because of being skinny and not feeling comfortable. In our short time of training, and feeling stronger both physically and mentally raised his confidence. 

He landed that new job, suddenly having the confidence by fuelling his drive and standing up to speak out and making better choices.  That's why having a fitness goal is so important, it literally can change your entire life. 


'This was an important step in my life, I was struggling at the gym. Starting and stopping as I could never gain any weight.  Feeling skinny and small did not give me the confidence I desired, going to work, buying clothing and looking in the mirror all made me feel uncomfortable in myself.' 

Araav made impressive progress throughout the weeks, he saw he strength gains increasing, muscle size improving and was totally shocked to find out he put on 14 lbs of muscle in just 14 weeks. 


Would You Like To Start Making Better Healthier Decisions And Be In Better Shape


What are your barriers, that you struggle to achieve your fitness goal.  Feel free to share your goals and see if personal training could be the answer to fixing your problem. 


Above Araav went from personal training to join my online coaching plan, 'MUSCLE AND MASS BUILDING.'  He was intimidated to workout in a gym environment on his own before because he never saw any results.  Just after his short 14 weeks he returned to the gym and continued to be coached online, whereby he receives his new personal plans every month, tracks his diet to stay accountable. 100% digital via mobile app.